Kitty Dignity

After his walk (and afternoon snack of fresh grass), I could hear the cat retching in the bathroom. After my initial disgust, I was impressed at the fact that he had the decency to excuse himself and hurl his furballs and accompanying bile onto the bathroom floor. Where did he learn such manners?



4 thoughts on “Kitty Dignity

  1. Awww, Floombie is so polite! 😉 But did you have him checked by the vet? My mom used to say that when normally carnivorous animals (like our pet dogs and cats) eat grass or leaves, it means there’s something wrong… Hope it’s just Floombert being Floombert though!

    • Tee hee, it’s pretty normal daw, they chew on grass to tickle their tummies to clear it of hair balls, which keeps them healthy (I also feed him anti-hair ball food but I guess he needs extra help!). Floombert says thank you for your concern, Auntie Tewwie! 🙂

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