My first sighting of snow AND sakura = magical! (And no, the camera isn’t mine.) Kyoto, 2010. Photographed by Toto Labrador

Hello, my name is Pierra, and I’m a freelance editor and writer based in Manila.

Some of my favorite childhood memories include collecting Sanrio stickers (my favorite: Tiny Poem), watching the bittersweet anime Candy Candy, and stray cats following me home, so I guess I never outgrew my love for kawaii (cute) things. Or cats, for that matter.

This blog is a giant leap of faith for me: see, while I’m comfortable churning out whatever I’m assigned (hooray for beauty road tests and travel stories), I’m generally shy about my personal work (cut to scraps of poetry literally gathering dust in an old battered suitcase). Every once in a while, though, I stumble upon something that I feel compelled to share with the world. So thanks to the gentle prodding of fellow writer friends, I finally started this blog to share the magic in the mundane, get back to my poetry roots, and hopefully, connect with kindred spirits. I’d love to know if anything resonates with you!

Other things that make me smile: shoes, books, the smell of rain, vintage anything, chocolate, New Wave, Philippine beaches, and quirky Japanese dramas. One day, I hope to write a children’s story about the adventures of my cats, Floombert and Tsubasa.

All text and photos on this blog belong to me, Pierra Calasanz-Labrador, unless indicated otherwise. Feel free to reblog with credit (insert happy dance) 🙂 Should you wish to ask or reprint anything, please email me at pierralab@gmail.com. Thank you!

Elsewhere on the web:
I write a shopping column called Fifi’s Finds for Manila Bulletin (www.mb.com.ph), and also contribute to our family lifestyle blog (www.thehappylab.com.ph). For more of my kitty cohorts, follow pussincahoots.tumblr.com and find me on Instagram (@tinypoem) for more bits of everyday magic.


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