It was already dusk when I looked up,
somewhat disoriented,
where did the time go?
I thought I would take a “coffee break”
from my work-at-home load
to sneak in a few pages of this book
borrowed from a friend.
Reading on a working day!
The ultimate guilty pleasure.
Just a few minutes, swear
But of course I got carried away
Min, the girl in the story,
appeared to be writing a letter/
holding a monologue
Explaining to her ex, Ed (and the rest of us)
why they broke up
I loved how the words tumbled out with no brakes,
like the way people really think
Bright and raw and matter of fact and precious
Always, this dilemma: to savor every page,
or speedread through to the end,
to find out why, really, why did they break up?
But halfway through,
The cat looks at me, then out the window,
Indicating that I’ve been remiss with my afternoon duties
Oh no! Where did the time go?
I still need to finish an article, walk the cat, defrost what we’re having for dinner
No more time today
to find out, whether or not
–hoping against hope–
Min and Ed didn’t break up after all

It was already dusk.


Christmas Lights

In the Philippines, Christmas always comes early. Even before Halloween, some roads are already lined with stalls selling Christmas lanterns, usually in the shape of big stars, called parols. I shot this through the window of a moving car, so you probably won’t be able to make anything out, but I like the effect just the same.


Lost Teddy

Still on the subject of teddy bears… On a trip to Kyoto two years ago, while jostling my way through the throng of tourists to get the requisite shot of the Kinkaku-ji (The Golden Pavilion), something curious caught my eye. Sitting jauntily on the bamboo fence in front of the tranquil temple was a little caped teddy! The sight was so incongruous–and utterly charming. Kawaii! Yet, I couldn’t help but feel a little tug in my heart for the poor child who had obviously misplaced his or her furry friend. Though my travel buddies were already moving on along the garden path, I hung back to see if anyone would come to claim Captain Cute. Sure enough, after a few minutes a little girl and her parents seemed to be cautiously retracing their steps, and soon, the girl gave a whoop of joy upon finding her precious bear. What luck to have witnessed this happy reunion!


Kinkaku-ji, Kyoto, 2012. Photographed by Pierra C. Labrador