I clung to you by inertia.


Your hands were vines

that crept up the walls of my body

winding round my neck and legs

claiming my crevices as your own

So that I defined myself

by your leaves and stems

and flowered only

in the places where

you allowed me

to grow.


Little by little,

you snuffed out the sun—

my life-source.

And in my delirium

I believed I could

sustain myself

by my lust

for you.


One day, the fever was gone

and I started to suffocate.

Hungry for air,

I disentangled myself

and gravitated towards the rays of the sun.


Their full force was blinding

and the wind, too strong

My body felt faint

after being an extension

of your limbs

for so long.


In panic,

I grasped for your hands

to hold me upright,

falling back to the earth

that lured me into lethargy

falling back on the vines that had

become my spine.



I clung to you by inertia;


Breathing through an oxygen mask

Motionless, but aware this time

Carefully avoiding the poison ivy

as I groped through

our entwined body parts,

identifying yours

and redefining mine


You tried to repossess me

but I only stayed long enough

to separate myself


So that my limbs would be intact

Independent of your ivy,

and immune to your poison

when I finally broke free.






I tried to kiss you

but you turned away

Didn’t want any

mouth-to-mouth today

Tired of my attempts

to resuscitate our love

You gave up

just like that.


As if you forgot

how we had it so good

How you once held me

like you

would never let me go

How was I to know

that when I loved you back

You’d pull away

Claim to asphyxiate.


But, oh, I love you still

I love you even more

and with nothing else to lose

I choose to wait your coma out

Stay by your side

Hook your IV to my veins

till you’re addicted to my blood

and you lust once more

for my love

when you wake.