Thank you and Goodbye

We are the The Peacock Garden again, an elegant resort in Bohol that sits on a hill overlooking the sea. Its manicured gardens provided the perfect location for a shoot that I had envisioned the last time I was here. As I type this, we are waiting for the hotel van to shuttle us back to the airport; already, a slight melancholy is settling in, and I realize I am not ready to leave just yet. This lovely place, full of lovely people, has begun to feel like home. Though we were mostly busy shooting, writing, styling, here, I’ve also been able to exhale. And I am deeply grateful to be able to work and play in the same space. Thank you, Peacock Garden. Thank you, universe.


A magical sunset



I am stronger t…

I am stronger than you think

I can walk away

without a backward glance

I can leave without a second chance

I can leave right now

while we’re teetering on the brink

I will not cry

I will not plead at your feet

I am stronger than you will ever know

Just say the word

and watch me go.
ImagePhotographed at The Peacock Garden, Bohol, Philippines