Rainy Day Reads


No mama, not P.S. I Love You! (Tsubasa guards the stash of nostalgic reads that have managed to escape the garage sale pile every year)

It’s a rainy Thursday afternoon, and I’m gazing longingly at the stash of nostalgic reads my cat is perched on. Matilda! Anne of Green Gables! Nancy Drew! How I long to curl up on the couch with a steaming mug of hot chocolate and revisit childhood friends, but deadlines loom (and what am I even doing, posting here?). Meanwhile, just this weekend, my young niece told me she was happy to get back to school, as there was “nothing to do” over the Halloween/semestral break. “Nothing to do”–oh, what luxury! I don’t think having absolutely no plans ever bothered me, and though I liked to be alone, I was never really lonely. Rainy days remind me of school getting called off, and the blissful joy of armchair adventures. Emily Dickinson said it best: “There is no frigate like a book/to take us lands away”… What are your favorite lazy day reads?


When you left, the world seemed emptier

Wider, somehow

You used to tell me not to touch

Your things when you were gone

I found that so strange

and morbid

But now I understand.

You wanted to live on, for me

And now you do.

I step into your room

And your scent assails me

I cannot seem to stop

The liquid ache rising in my throat

When I touch

the things you touched

When I read

the things you wrote.

Beyond the mist of my tears

I look around,

And inhale your space

You were right when you told me

not to touch your things

Because you’d be back

to linger in this place.