Happy Monday

I’m not exactly a Monday person (I know very few people who are), but my day got off to a great start with this video of a little girl on a bike, belting out an 80s favorite along with her cat (you have to watch it). If I am even watching videos on Facebook on a Monday morning, that’s a great start, indeed.

Jonathan Adler pitcher

Lemon mint water in a Jonathan Adler pitcher, can H2O get any happier?


Though the hubby and I work freelance, one or the other is usually running out the door, so to both be home today felt delightfully indulgent. To celebrate, I popped some mint and lemon slices in the water pitcher for an extra zing, then stowed it back in the fridge to be taken out at noon (which is when hubby wakes up when he has no photo shoot). And because, miracle of miracles, I did not have a deadline looming over my head today, I finally tried out the four-minute workout my friend had been telling me about (30-minute Pocket Yoga, I will get back to you this month too, promise).



We had pancakes and bacon for lunch (why not?), with Swing Out Sister providing an exuberant soundtrack to our home movie (do you sometimes feel like you’re watching your life unfold from an omniscient point of view, too?).

pancakes and bacon

Then, all the regular bits: dishes to wash, bills to pay, mail to answer, cats to walk, features to write, contacts to contact, coffee break (YAY!!), floors to sweep, litter box to clean, more writing, all made infinitely more pleasant (maybe except for the litter box part) with my resident DJ on deck. Part of the fun was getting to the end of one album, and guessing what he was going to play next. Music is the ultimate mood-maker, no?



In the evening, we actually had the time to watch a movie we had missed on the big screen: About Time (how apt). Of course, I was a wreck, crying my eyes out (that beach scene, waaaah), but also, smiling through my tears. Relishing the extraordinary, ordinary life—my thoughts exactly today.  Now, here’s hoping I remember to live in the moment when I’m rush-rush-rushing tomorrow.


Because there is always time for a cat selfie




It was already dusk when I looked up,
somewhat disoriented,
where did the time go?
I thought I would take a “coffee break”
from my work-at-home load
to sneak in a few pages of this book
borrowed from a friend.
Reading on a working day!
The ultimate guilty pleasure.
Just a few minutes, swear
But of course I got carried away
Min, the girl in the story,
appeared to be writing a letter/
holding a monologue
Explaining to her ex, Ed (and the rest of us)
why they broke up
I loved how the words tumbled out with no brakes,
like the way people really think
Bright and raw and matter of fact and precious
Always, this dilemma: to savor every page,
or speedread through to the end,
to find out why, really, why did they break up?
But halfway through,
The cat looks at me, then out the window,
Indicating that I’ve been remiss with my afternoon duties
Oh no! Where did the time go?
I still need to finish an article, walk the cat, defrost what we’re having for dinner
No more time today
to find out, whether or not
–hoping against hope–
Min and Ed didn’t break up after all

It was already dusk.


So the universe decided to play a joke on me today; I was told I could collect a check, which, as it turned out, wasn’t actually ready yet. In a freelancer’s world (especially the kind that lives from paycheck to paycheck and has no concept of saving for a rainy day), that can spell disaster.

In my moment of crushing disappointment, Floombert the jester cat decided now would be a good time to roll over to ask for a head and tummy rub. He insisted it was more for my benefit than his. Sinking my fingers into his ridiculously soft fluff and feeling my frustration ebb away, I had to agree.


I’m on to you

You don’t fool me, grumpy cat.

You wriggle away when I try to hug you, you don’t come when I call (except during meal times–but of course), and you run out of the house every chance you get (and you know the sweet spot under the car where my arms can’t reach you). But you also shadow me around the house, and when you meow to let me know that you’re “allowing” me to rub your tummy, I can see right through you.

Today was another migraine day, which kept me marooned on the couch, and despite the pain, I couldn’t help but smile when you snuggled next to me to sleep on my foot. You love me after all, don’t you?