A Good Day

Rainbows and unicorns

Rainbows and unicorns. A magic mobile spotted at the 2013 UP Fine Arts Fair

I did yoga in the morning
Had a banana for breakfast
Saw balloons welcoming my neighbor’s newborn
Walked the cats
Smelled rain
Went to a college arts fair
Spotted a spotted cat sitting on a student’s work
Laughed out loud
Bought three mini cakes for P100
Drank coffee with condensed milk
Wrote an article
Arranged a trip for a travel assignment
And planned the itinerary for another escapade with fellow gypsies
Watched the sun set from my bedroom window
Read a few chapters from Didion’s Blue Nights
Fed the strays that hang out in my driveway
Survived a panic attack
Shut off the lights.

(Except for the part where I couldn’t breathe)
Today was a good day.

PS. Seen on Facebook today: “When you’re in deep shit and everything is raining on your parade, just wait for the sunshine and rise from the shit and become a magic mushroom.”–JJ Duque


On the edge



Some days,
I’m on top of the world
Delirious, ecstatic, jumping for joy

On other, on-the-edge days
When I feel I’ve lost my footing,
I imagine myself
Splayed at the bottom,
Lying broken

I could stay this way,
immobile on the ground,
staring up at the sky for days on end (or, in today’s case, floating in a lethargic melancholy in bed, still in jammies on a busy Monday afternoon)

Until salvation in a happy thought,
kind gesture, tub of chocolate ice cream (endorphins!)
or impending deadline comes
To shake me out of my stupor
To blow the whistle on the pity party,
Time is up!
Now to
pick myself up, dust myself off
In my inner Humpty Dumpty routine
“Muster the Rohirrim!”
–Steady now–
I’ve got the next of my nine lives to begin.

Rainy Day Reads


No mama, not P.S. I Love You! (Tsubasa guards the stash of nostalgic reads that have managed to escape the garage sale pile every year)

It’s a rainy Thursday afternoon, and I’m gazing longingly at the stash of nostalgic reads my cat is perched on. Matilda! Anne of Green Gables! Nancy Drew! How I long to curl up on the couch with a steaming mug of hot chocolate and revisit childhood friends, but deadlines loom (and what am I even doing, posting here?). Meanwhile, just this weekend, my young niece told me she was happy to get back to school, as there was “nothing to do” over the Halloween/semestral break. “Nothing to do”–oh, what luxury! I don’t think having absolutely no plans ever bothered me, and though I liked to be alone, I was never really lonely. Rainy days remind me of school getting called off, and the blissful joy of armchair adventures. Emily Dickinson said it best: “There is no frigate like a book/to take us lands away”… What are your favorite lazy day reads?


You don’t have to explain;

I know exactly what I meant

to you

I was a warm thing to hold

When you were cold

And your heart was broken

I was a ray of sunshine

When your world was bleak;

I never expected you to fall in love

With me


No need for your apology

You were frozen

And all I did

Was warm your heart

For someone else

To keep. 

Image Stray kittens photographed at the University of the Philippines campus, 2012.