San Francisco, 2006.

San Francisco, 2006.

The ground falls away beneath her feet

Is she awake

or is she asleep

Could she be dreaming

dreaming this life

Her lover’s leaving

In goes the knife

The nightmare begins to breathe

The sadness blows her off the ground

She’s loved him so long

She cannot look down

But now she’s flying

She’s suddenly free

Terror subsides, and

the girl becomes me

I lost my love

and now I am found.



I tried to kiss you

but you turned away

Didn’t want any

mouth-to-mouth today

Tired of my attempts

to resuscitate our love

You gave up

just like that.


As if you forgot

how we had it so good

How you once held me

like you

would never let me go

How was I to know

that when I loved you back

You’d pull away

Claim to asphyxiate.


But, oh, I love you still

I love you even more

and with nothing else to lose

I choose to wait your coma out

Stay by your side

Hook your IV to my veins

till you’re addicted to my blood

and you lust once more

for my love

when you wake.