Humpty Dumpty

Talking to you

Is like walking on eggshells

I feel like my voice is going to break

Any minute

Betraying the cracks in my resolve

Why do you unnerve me

Why do you tap against my skin,

Like I am hard-boiled

When you know

My center is all soft

And runny, still

There’s only the fragile shell

To hold me in

Hello, How are you, How long have you been back?

Tap, tap, tap

My heart swells within

If it shatters

Who will put me back together again?

So here we go

Hello, walk away

Rinse, and repeat

I refuse to end up

Like the million other girls

Lying broken,

puddling at your feet.


On the edge



Some days,
I’m on top of the world
Delirious, ecstatic, jumping for joy

On other, on-the-edge days
When I feel I’ve lost my footing,
I imagine myself
Splayed at the bottom,
Lying broken

I could stay this way,
immobile on the ground,
staring up at the sky for days on end (or, in today’s case, floating in a lethargic melancholy in bed, still in jammies on a busy Monday afternoon)

Until salvation in a happy thought,
kind gesture, tub of chocolate ice cream (endorphins!)
or impending deadline comes
To shake me out of my stupor
To blow the whistle on the pity party,
Time is up!
Now to
pick myself up, dust myself off
In my inner Humpty Dumpty routine
“Muster the Rohirrim!”
–Steady now–
I’ve got the next of my nine lives to begin.