Lost Teddy

Still on the subject of teddy bears… On a trip to Kyoto two years ago, while jostling my way through the throng of tourists to get the requisite shot of the Kinkaku-ji (The Golden Pavilion), something curious caught my eye. Sitting jauntily on the bamboo fence in front of the tranquil temple was a little caped teddy! The sight was so incongruous–and utterly charming. Kawaii! Yet, I couldn’t help but feel a little tug in my heart for the poor child who had obviously misplaced his or her furry friend. Though my travel buddies were already moving on along the garden path, I hung back to see if anyone would come to claim Captain Cute. Sure enough, after a few minutes a little girl and her parents seemed to be cautiously retracing their steps, and soon, the girl gave a whoop of joy upon finding her precious bear. What luck to have witnessed this happy reunion!


Kinkaku-ji, Kyoto, 2012. Photographed by Pierra C. Labrador