All eyes are on

The bride walking down the aisle

My eyes are

On you.


I am here

Holding my breath

At your wedding

Just one of the boys

Tearing up like a girl.


I am here

To witness your bliss

To wish you well

To watch my childhood dream

Be crushed by

The flight of doves,

The throwing of rice

The clink of glass

“You may kiss the bride…”


My chest implodes

And it feels like

A stupid corset is the only thing

Holding me intact

But I will manage a smile

When you have your photo taken at our table

One arm casually slung across my shoulder

Your playground pal

Your devoted shadow


I wish you well

I wish you well

I wish you well

I can do this

And as I finally say it out loud

I wish you all the best—

Your bride is already turning

To the next guest

But you,

You are still smiling at me

Drawing me close

Planting a kiss

on my forehead

In that oblivious,

tender way


I come undone.



Once upon a time, I wrote this tinypoem:

“Someone who sees me
–Yes, I’d like that–
Someone who loves my quirks
And silly dances
And double chin
But until then
Who needs a jerk
When I have wonderful friends?”

And just when I learned to value myself and feel completely comfortable in my own skin, wouldn’t you know, Toto came along, and the rest is history. Celebrating ten years today!