Party Line

Long after I hung up the phone,

Your voice remains.

Ringing in my recesses,

Echoing down, down…

Excavating ghosts

Of past conversations

Your memory resurrects

Dormant feelings

I left for dead.

Why did you call?

After all these years,

How could I still

Feel the same?

You checked in on me,

Yes, still with him

You’re still with her

Nothing’s changed

Not even the tiny,

lingering threat

We’re happy, yet…

The torture of

What could’ve been

Burns an acid hole

In my placid life

You see your opening

Funny, you didn’t take it then

When all was clear

Now, it’s too late

We’ve taken separate paths

And I’m better off here.

Please don’t disrupt

The peace I’ve made

With your memory—

Just friends, this time.

*   *    *    *    *    *    *    *

The connection crackles with static

And I’m forced to put the phone down

I told you not to cross the line.